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Pastor's Letter

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dear Parishioners,

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Here are some reflections from my Day One experience at Catholic Heart Work Camp. While the various members of our group will have been in different locations during the work portion of our days than I-- CHWC purposely mixes things up so that you are meeting and coming to know other individuals--  I believe that there will have been a good many parallels in the basic dynamics between us.

  First of all, a word about our location. Hardeeville, South Carolina is very close to Hilton Head Island. It is in what is referred to as the 'low country.' Although this pertains to certain geographical and cultural references, in the case of what we have seen and been told, it is appropriate to say it is 'low- income country.' There is much poverty here, and the work that is done by these young people this week may amount to the most, or only, service of its kind these individuals receive all year.

  Our day began with breakfast and Mass. The Presider for the liturgies this week is a priest from Atlanta named Fr. Roy Lee. I am told he was raised in the Baptist tradition. He is definitely filled with a joyful spirit. On this day, he referenced the experience he had years ago with Bungee jumping--- essentially telling us that we must first  place our trust in Jesus rather than anyone or anything else in life, in order to do what we are called to do.

  Following Mass, there was a short pre- work day pep talk, to help us organize our individual work details.

The group of which I am a part is led by a youth minister from a parish in Georgia. His name is John Paul-- no need to ask who inspired his parents in the selection of that name!  We drove a short distance from the school that serves as our base. Some groups have up to one hour to travel to their work site.

  We are working in the home of a dear lady named Myrtle. The primary task is interior painting, although there is some minor wall repair included.  There are three young ladies and two young men in the group, from various locations including Missouri and Florida. A total of 350 'campers' are at this location for the week.

Upon returning to the school, we cleaned up, and after dinner there was programming comprised of praise and worship, witnesses and reports from staff and participants, and a time for individual youth groups to meet to share and pray.

   While as I said in last week's bulletin, it seems a little strange to be away at this particular time. Nevertheless, I am grateful for those who served as a voice of direction in encouraging me to follow through with this trip. Thank you to all the parents of the teens, the parents who actually came on the trip with their teens, and to all parishioners for supporting this mission trip.


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Catholics Returning Home

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