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Pastor's Letter

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dear Parishioners,

      A word of “THANKS” goes out to the team of parishioners who partnered with our mission presenter, Jim Merhaut, to make the Lenten mission a beautiful and prayerful event.  I hope that those who were in attendance over the course of the three evenings will be able to share the content—including the very inspiring stories— that Jim imparted to us, with your neighbors and fellow parishioners.

   As we look ahead, we are growing ever-closer to two more community opportunities for spiritual renewal and expansion:  the Cornerstone Men’s Retreat— one week from now— and the Ladies Retreat Day— on Saturday March 21.  I would ask ALL OF US— those participating in person as well as the rest of us— to offer fervent prayer, that the Spirit of God may move us forward to be an ever-more-passionate witness to the power of His love at work in our lives.

   Have you been to Lenten Fish Fry yet?  This meal, prepared and served by the Knights of Columbus and their families, down at the K. of C. hall on Buckeye Street, is a handy way to maintain meatless Fridays AND build fellowship.  Because there are significant numbers of people who come from the wider community, it is an excellent occasion for reflecting the light of Catholic love outward! See you there!

   Recently, it has come to my attention that, sadly, nowadays there are increased forms of potential scams that make their way to us, via the phone as well as over the internet. Older adults can be particularly vulnerable to automated messages and “prompts”  that, if followed, could result in unauthorized charges, etc.  A concerned parishioner asked me to mention this here; so, while we do not want to instill unwarranted fear, in general be cautious about giving out information when you have not initiated the contact.

   Given the great response to our Advent Soup Meal and Evening Reflection series (which included a time of supervised activities for children), we will be offering one such evening this season: Tuesday, March 17.  The theme will be St. Patrick as Lenten Companion.  I am sure you can figure out why St. Pat is included on that particular date!  It may not be the typical corned beef and cabbage scenario, but we can promise good hearty soup and some quiet time with the Lord (so I believe the patron saint of Ireland would approve!).

   Finally, we continue to have a faith presence at the city jail, on the fourth Sunday of each month.  I am grateful to the volunteers who carry the hope of Christ to those incarcerated there.  The men and women are invited to offer prayer petitions.  Here are some recent requests:  “Pray for my 3 kids because my husband and I are locked up in jail;” “Pray for my mom and dad and friends, Cassandra and Julie...I want to be saved.”

      A Blessed Lent,

 Fr. Stephen

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Catholics Returning Home

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