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Pastor's Letter

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dear Parishioners,

 There are two topics that I would like to address in this particular article.  The first is Catholic Daughters Sunday, which we observe today ; the second is the Portico or canopy project, which obviously is in its active phase of construction even now.

   Founded in 1903, the Catholic Daughters is one of the oldest and largest organizations of Catholic women in in the Americas.  Their motto is, “Unity and Charity.” Our local Wooster Court #1073 formed in November of 1927.  In fact, its charter document hangs prominently downstairs in the parish hall.  Currently, there are 56 members in the St. Mary court, including two women who are to be formally welcomed at the 8 a.m. Mass today. Two ladies presently serve on the State Court of Ohio— three have held such positions in the past— and one individual serves on the National Board.

   We have the pleasure of bestowing Veterans Membership pins this weekend to   ladies who have given 5, 10,15, 20, 30, 35, and 40 years of dedicated service to the organization.  We even have one member who has belonged for 50 years and one, 60 years !  WOW!  

   I can tell you, these faithful women are about a whole lot more than simply  socializing—although fellowship surely has its important place in the lives of Catholics.  Among the efforts they support actively are: The St. Mary Gabriel Project, The Pregnancy Care Center, Salvation Army Coats for Kids, The Viola Startzman Free Clinic, Wayne County Committee for Disabilities, the Zambia Tree Project, and the Hilltop Veterans Home.

   Consistently over the years, young people from the parish have participated in the CDA-sponsored State and National Education Contest, writing essays that have yielded winners at both levels.  In the words of the current leadership: “We welcome all Catholic women to our meetings held on the first Thursday of each month in the parish hall.  Please consider this a heartfelt invitation to join your sisters!”

      Now, with regard to the canopy/portico project, thanks be to God work has begun! Obviously, over the next weeks, we will all experience some significant disruption to our normal routine.  This includes both in regard to pedestrian and motorist access to the driveway and parking area adjacent to the main side entrance by the elevator. I hereby make an earnest appeal for us to be heroically attentive to each other, particularly those who may need some extra physical assistance and overall reassurance that we can get through this short-term challenge, knowing that the end result is going to be a much-enhanced entranceway.  

   All those who participate in Eucharistic Adoration during the night on Mondays through Wednesdays ought to have received communication electronically instructing them on the manner in which they can access the church, during this construction period. If you have not received this communiqué, please stop by the office,  We cannot give out this information over the phone.

Peace, Fr. Stephen

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Catholics Returning Home

Catholics Returning Home

An Invitation for Nonpracticing Catholics

Were you raised Catholic but do not come or seldom come to church anymore?

Are you a Catholic who now feels separated from the Church?

Would you like to know more about the Catholic Church as it is today?

Would you like to feel at home in the Catholic Church again?

No matter how long you have been away and no matter the reason, we invite you to consider renewing your relationship with the Catholic Church. Please join us for informal listening sessions and an update of the Catholic faith. The 6 sessions are held at St. Mary Parish Hall, beginning Wednesday, April 23, 2014 from 7-8:30 pm. For more information, call Mindy at 330-464-8873 or mindyptp@aol.com.